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 Sugar Plum Acres is a family owned and operated farm located in southern Oregon. We have been operating as U-Pick since 1982.

Please remember to bring your own containers.




Peaches Our first day of picking for Redhaven peaches will be Tuesday, July 28, from 4:00pm to 7:30pm. Our next day will be Saturday, August 1, from 8am-1pm. Peaches are .60 cents a pound up to 75 pounds, .55 cents a pound from 75 lbs to 150, and .50 cents a pound from 150 lbs and up. Remember to bring your own containers. Please remember to be kind to our neighbors by pulling off to the side so through traffic can pass, and not parking your car and walking in.


Tomatoes and Bell Peppers


Our tomato and pepper season should begin around the same time as our peaches.


 You will need your own containers to take your fruit, vegetables, or flowers home in.  It is also a good idea to bring some water (especially if you have little ones with you).


It is best to carry peaches in boxes or containers no more than two deep, to prevent bruising.



Tomatoes and Peppers

We have added an email for those who need to contact us.

It is


note: We do not change our open times for peaches for special requests or allow picking at other times, out of respect for our long time customers.

A note about green peaches:

We discourage our customers from picking green peaches.  It our opinion here at Sugar Plum Acres that green peaches do not get enough sugar because they need to be on the trees longer. We want everyone to have a great experience here.  If there just are no other peaches to pick when you come out, please continue to look in another part of the rows that we are picking in or plan to come back when we have more ripe ones.  We appreciate all of our customers and want to provide the best peaches possible.

Thanks a bunch!

The Sugar Plum Acres Family

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